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Natural support for brain function


Extract of a proprietary variety of oat herb selected for its superior biological activity profile

  • Supports mental fitness/brain function
  • Uses and safety supported by clinical studies
  • High purity and stability thanks to EFLA®HyperPure process

Green oat preparations have been used since medieval times to address fatigue, poor concentration, and irritable mood. Green oats are harvested during the late stage of growth when the seed heads are still green and hard. Using a bioassay-guided development approach, IFF Health has scientifically substantiated and linked these effects to a selected green oat variety1-4.



In a human study using electroencephalogram as a tool, Neuravena® intake has been associated with changes in brain activity based on effects in the left frontal temporal lobe area of the brain1-2, an area known to be involved in cognitive tasks such as problem-solving, and memory. The effects of Neuravena® intake were assessed using standardized psychological measures. Statistically significant effects were linked to Neuravena® intake using a battery of tests selected to allow assessments across the major cognitive domains3-4, i.e. concentration and alertness (Stroop color-word test), executive function (Peg and Ball), and episodic memory (COMPASS).

Green oat extract supplementation has further been reported to play a role in the improvement of vasodilator function in cerebral arteries1-2, suggesting a potential role in the maintenance of cardiovascular responsiveness in older adults and brain health.


IFF Health uses the proprietary EFLA®HyperPure technology that ensures highly selective removal of fat-soluble components from the extract, providing increased stability and solubility.

1. Dimpfel et al., Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine 2011, 17
2. Wong et al., Journal of Hypertension 2013, 31
3. Berry et al., Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine 2011, 17
4. Kennedy et al., Nutritional Neuroscience, 2015

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Product Information

  • Standardized on Flavonoids ≥ 0.3 % (calculated as Isovitexin)
  • Type of extract Powder
  • Recommended dosage 800 mg/day
  • Format Dietary supplement

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