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Microencapsulated iron


  • Microencapsulated iron salt
  • High concentration (40% iron)
  • High stability and no metallic taste
  • Reduced gastrointestinal side effects confirmed by human clinical study
  • High bioavailability confirmed by human clinical study
  • The addition of iron allows for the use of approved health claims in Europe


Daily intake of iron is essential to maintain adequate iron levels. Low iron levels can be prevented by increasing iron intake via food fortification. Adequate iron is essential for many functions of the body including red blood cell production, oxygen transport, and DNA synthesis. However, iron fortification challenges in food include the metallic taste, high reactivity (oxidation of proteins in saliva) and unpleasant gastro-intestinal tract side-effects. These disadvantages are successfully overcome by the use of AB-Fortis® microencapsulated iron.


This microencapsulated iron ingredient allows the fortification of foods with iron without changing the appearance, palatability or taste. AB-Fortis® remains stable in high pressures and temperatures, therefore staying intact during processing. In addition, the encapsulation protects oxidation-sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and fatty acids from oxidation. AB-Fortis® is highly bioavailable as shown by a human clinical study on bioavailability1.


AB-Fortis® uses and activity are supported by published scientific research. A human clinical trial showed the high bioavailability of the iron in AB-Fortis® in comparison with iron sulfate1. Increased bioavailability of the ingredient may lead to higher blood levels of iron achieved with daily intake. Reduced interactions of AB-Fortis® within the gastrointestinal system reduces iron-related adverse effects such as metallic taste2.


AB-Fortis® is produced by a patented manufacturing process, which provides stable encapsulation
that leads to a minimal release of free iron in the food matrix. The spherical gelation of ferric saccharate by calcium alginate results in a microencapsulated iron salt with a high (40%) content of iron.

1. Contreras et al., European Journal of Nutrition 2013
2. Friling et al., International Journal for Molecular Sciences 2022

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Product Information

  • Standardized on Iron 40%
  • Appearance Brown fine powder
  • Recommended dosage 6 – 35 mg/day
  • Format Dietary supplement

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