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keraGEN-IV® is a natural protein of the fingernails, hair and skin.

Keratin supports the body’s ability to make collagen IV and VII, which are only synthesized in the human body, irreplaceable by dietary collagen. These unique collagens are responsible for skin strength, elasticity, and for strong anchoring of hair in the hair follicle. While keratin from animal sources are insoluble and digestible, our unique keratin formulation sets us apart as it is digestible.


keraGEN-IV® is a pure keratin protein that is gently extracted to make it fully bioactive and digestible. keraGEN-IV® is made from sheep’s wool keratin, which is 91% homologous to human keratin. But unlike bovine collagen, keraGEN-IV® has a vegetarian certificate, because sheep’s wool is renewable; the animal simply grows more wool after it is sheared. 


Keratin is a natural protein of nails, hair and skin1,2

  • Supports skin elasticity by building the dermal-epidermal junction
  • Stronger hair follicles by promoting anchoring of follicles in the scalp
  • Healthy nail growth by providing the right amino acid balance

Studies with keraGEN-IV® in human keratinocytes have shown that increased collagen IV expression is induced by the protein3. Further preclinical work demonstrated that collagen IV expression is induced around the hair follicle4. In a placebo-controlled human clinical study5, the use of keraGEN-IV® improved skin elasticity, hair pull scores and nail quality after 60 days.

Please note that keraGEN-IV® is only available in Europe and Middle East


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