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  • Ivy Leaf Extract (Hedera helix L.)
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and ingredient for nutritional supplements
  • Well established use approach (HMPC Monograph)
  • Active Substance Master File available
  • Suitable for children above two years
  • Well known in the health area as a natural product for cough and cold

Traditional use

Ivy, as an active ingredient in herbal medicinal products, is used as expectorant in case of productive cough. Traditional healers have used ivy leaves for various complaints such as bronchitis, whooping cough, arthritis, rheumatism and dysentery.

Natural support for health

  • Aids in expectoration
  • Calms smooth muscle spams


Thanks to the well-studied status of ivy extracts and the positive assessment of the European Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products, ivy extracts can be used as API in medicinal products in the category “well-established use”. Ivy extracts have a positive effect on the upper respiratory system and children above two years can also benefit from its positive effects.

Manufacturing and properties

Made in Germany under cGMP.

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Ivy leaf

Product Information

  • Standardized on Hederacoside C 10%
  • Extract type Powder
  • Grades Food (EFLA®85151)
  • Pharma (EFLA®90151, EFLA®90001)
  • Recommended dosage:
  • EFLA®85151 10-50 mg/day
  • EFLA®90151 Adolescents, adults and elderly: 14-18 mg three times daily
  • Children between 6-11 years: 9-18 mg two to three times daily;
  • Children between 2-5 years: 7-9 mg, two to three times daily
  • EFLA®90001 Adolescents, adults and elderly: 15-65 mg one to three times daily
  • Children between 6-11 years: 11-35 mg two to three times daily
  • Children between 2-5 years: 8-18 mg two to three times daily

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