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  • Water and water-ethanolic extracts of Passion flower herb (Passiflora incarnata L.)
  • Premium quality with flavonoids expressed as vitexin
  • High purity
  • Manufactured in NSFGMP certified facility

Traditional use

The passion flower plant is native to America. It has a long history of use among Native Americans for different health conditions and also as a herbal and homeopathic medicine.

Herbal medicine texts and compendia indicate the plant has activity to relieve mild symptoms of mental stress, irritability, nervous tension, and also to promote sleep.

It is often used in combinations with other sedative herbal substances such as valerian, lemon balm or hops.

Natural support for health

  • Used to support the relief of temporary insomnia
  • Used to support the relief of mental stress and mood disorders


Recent scientific articles refer to the unexploited potential of Passion flower for anxiety and stress. The EMA concluded to classify medicinal preparations with extracts in the category “Traditional Use”.

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Passion flower

Product Information

  • Standardized on Flavonoids
  • Type of extract Powder
  • Grades Food

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