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You don’t have to stop run, you can simply use Go-Less®

Exercise isn’t just important for health, it’s important for quality of life. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting out there and seeing what the human body is capable of. But some athletes can’t help but wonder if maybe they’re holding back, because in the back of their minds, they’re worried that if they give it 110% they might have a bit of a bathroom issue.

According to recent data, one in four female athletes reports experiencing urinary incontinence (UI) when playing sports (1). And that number can increase dramatically for women in specific sports, with 44% of female runners and a staggering 75% of female volleyball players reporting a UI experience (1). Nobody wants to worry about going to the bathroom while working out – athletes just want to move and see what they can do.

Meet Go-Less® – one of IFF Health’s specialty botanical formulations that helps to provide natural bladder health support. A unique blend of pumpkin and soy extracts, Go-Less® has been clinically demonstrated to support bladder health and maintain urinary control (2). Go-Less® may supports women, including female athletes, to improve their quality of life by supporting bladder health.

Now athletes and exercise enthusiasts can get back out there and get ready to bring their best, without bathroom anxiety holding them back. Go-Less® is a natural solution for bladder health that supports reduce the urge to go to the bathroom so athletes can give that workout their all.



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  2. Shim et al; J Functional Foods 2014; 8C; 111-117.

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