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We are looking forward to seeing you at Vitafoods Insights virtual expo where IFF Health is proudly sponsoring 2 of the thematic stages:
“Gut & Immune health” and “Mental Performance”

LET OUR EXPERTS INSPIRE YOU during 2 thematic webinars
The pandemic has reinforced the importance of having a healthy immune system, and keeping healthy is paramount to consumers during this time. Let us think together how combining our microbiome and natural health ingredient capabilities can lead to innovative health & wellness solutions.

Moran Werner Saido

Product Manager
IFF Health

Lori Lathrop Stern

Science Liaison
IFF Health

Brain Health is a major concern for people of all ages. Children & students developing in a highly competitive academic environment and adults working at intellectually challenging jobs to seniors seeking to prevent the loss of cognitive skills and abilities

Itay Shafat, PhD

Product Manager Cognitive line
& Sports nutrition
IFF Health

Elaine Patterson, PhD

Senior Scientist and Technical lead
of Out-Brain Health platform.
IFF Health


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