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Meet our IFF health’s team of
experts at VITAFOODS 2023.

Whether you’re looking to enter a new market segment, ideate the next best product formulation or scale your manufacturing– from botanicals to probiotics, at IFF we have you covered. 

Leave the healthy and tasty part to us. We’ll leave the enjoyment to you. 
Stop by our booth to try it for yourself. 

Immune stick pack concept for kids and adults

Effective probiotic solution for immune support in delicious stick packs 

Delicious probiotic chocolate

Packed with HOWARU® Premium Probiotics and vitamins for digestive health

All-in-one beauty capsules

Capsules packed with HOWARU® premium probiotics, KeraGEN-IV® bioactive keratin and Grow C® Vitamin C for holistic beauty

Join Dr. Johanna Maukonen

Our director of Global Clinical Innovation & Translation will host an engaging presentation at the probiotics theater on Wednesday, May 10th at 12:30pm. Don’t miss her talk on how probiotics and the gut-skin axis unlock new opportunities in skin health from the inside-out. 


Beauty from within

Beauty is more than skin deep — it all begins with the gut. Our team’s extensive research bring new findings to the forefront at the intersection of food, functional ingredients, and the gut-skin axis. Learn about the power of probiotics’ impact on skin health, as well as combination products as a complete solution. 

Menopause management

A staggering one billion women will face menopause by 2025, and many existing solutions are just scratching the surface in supporting women during this important life phase. That’s why we’ve partnered with the “menopause partner for brands”, GenM, to create concepts that address the most common symptoms associated with menopause. Let’s take a deep-dive at Vitafoods 2023, to uncover the potential of this untapped market, and how we can help you to stay ahead of the curve. 

Looking for innovative solutions and formats?

Probiotics alone are powerful, but when you combine the proven efficacy of high-quality strains with premium botanicals, you have a  powerhouse. And while achieving strain stability in a combination format can pose a challenge, this is where we shine! Providing application expertise for versatile, functional formats, alongside numerous formulation options, means that together we can make the impossible, possible. 


Book a meeting now to learn more about how IFF can become your ingredient and application partner. Complete the form below and a member of our team will schedule time to meet you at the show or virtually.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Your IFF Health team


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