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Formulation for peak alertness and concentration

  • A first natural dietary supplement formulated to achieve support alertness and concentration
  • Works with the body’s biological clock
  • Provides a lasting, day-long effect
  • 100% natural
  • A superior alternative to caffeine
  • Less than 10mg Caffeine
  • No increase in heart rate or blood pressure


Demand for energy supplements is growing worldwide and there are growing concerns and stricter regulations towards highly caffeinated and sweetened ‘energy’ drinks.

Energy drinks provide the boost consumers want. However, consumers are more aware of health and wellness than before and they don’t want the energy to come at the cost of their health or to make them gain weight.

For that reason, consumers are seeking natural solutions for prolonged alertness and prefer healthier, natural and low sugar food and beverages.

WakeUp® provides a natural, innovative solution for wakefulness.


Natural support for health

WakeUp® is a patented and natural formula based on botanical ingredients designed to work with our circadian rhythm, based upon 3 clinical studies. We found that the WakeUp formula counteracts fatigue not only at noontime but throughout the day, with better and longer results than caffeine. There is no increase in heart rate or blood pressure and no tolerance effect over time.


WakeUp® formula has been clinically shown to significantly increase vigilance, focus and work performance scores on subjective tests and cognitive function and word recall in objective tests compared to placebo during the post-lunch dip.

The clinical study also evaluated the effect of WakeUp® versus caffeine. The results demonstrated that WakeUp had a sustained performance effect at 2 hours, whereas caffeine effects waned at the same time. There were no effects on heart rate or blood pressure.

A second additional open-label study also showed improved daily performance when WakeUp® was taken consistently, and disappearance when the product was discontinued.

A third study tested acute use of WakeUp® in the morning and evening and showed statistically significant improvements in vigilance, focus, work performance and cognitive function compared to before drinking.

Manufacturing and properties

The WakeUp formula contains Guarana (only 10mg of natural caffeine), Ginkgo Biloba, Elderberry and a sweetener by a Carob-Apple extract with a low glycemic index to reduce sugar fluctuation.

WakeUp is easily integrated into many applications.


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