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Unique fish peptide formula

  • Fish peptides for weight management
  • Helps to control hunger and food intake
  • Proven efficacy with proprietary studies
  • Natural and sustainable ingredient

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Slimpro® is a patent-pending formula of fish peptides enriched with BCAAs that works naturally with the human physiology to control hunger and positively affects weight loss.
It is derived from the lean fish fillets of Northern Blue Whiting fish (Micromesistius poutassou) by enzymatic hydrolysis. The raw material has complete traceability, reproducibility and warranty of safety.
Slimpro® is intended for anyone who wants to limit calorie intake to control body weight.


Slimpro® improves and amplifies the natural physiological mechanism already occurring during the digestion process. Ingestion of foods, especially proteins, induces the production of satiating hormones. By stimulating this process, Slimpro® has a direct effect on hunger and thereby decreases food intake.

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Product Information

  • Active / Reference Fish peptides
  • Appearance Powder
  • Recommended Dosage 1 - 1.4 g/day

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