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  • Pelargonium Root Extract (Pelargonium sidoides and/or reniforme)
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and ingredient for nutritional supplements
  • In accordance with HMPC-Monograph
  • Active Master File available

Traditional use

The Zulu tribe of South Africa used this botanical to treat coughs and colds by traditionally preparing roots of Pelargonium sidoides. Today, pelargonium root extract has been clinically proven to provide positive effects in subjects with throat, nose and bronchial irritations. This herbal remedy is fast acting and is confirmed to be safe for usage in adults and children suffering from colds.

Natural support for health

  • Safe natural solution produced under the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Low dosage with no reported side effects

Manufacturing and properties

Made in Germany in cGMP certified production facility.



Pelargonium extract is a traditional herbal preparation that has been used in subjects with common cold.
Uses and safety are based upon a long history of use in folk and traditional medicine.
Proprietary studies show immunomodulatory effects: inhibition of LPS induced IL-8 release, no effect on the basal IL-8 level, inhibition of viral neuraminidase (A virus (H1N1)).

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Product Information

  • Standardized on Umckalin and umckalin-7-sulphate 0,06 – 0,36% (EFLA®85956)
  • Umckalin 0,30%; total polyphenols 12,5% (2301)
  • Type of extract Powder
  • Grades Food (EFLA®85956)
  • Pharma (2301)
  • Plant variety Pelargonium sidoides (EFLA®85956)
  • Pelargonium reniforme /sidoides (2301)
  • Recommended dosage
  • EFLA®85956, 2304 40-60 mg
  • 2301 Adolescents > 12 years old, adults and elderly: 20 mg, 3 times daily
  • Children 6-12 years old: 20 mg, 2 times daily

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