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Liquid boswellia solubilisate

  • Liquid boswellia solubilisate
  • Unique solution with proprietary technology
  • Increased bioavailability & bioactivity
  • Activity to affect inflammatory pathways
  • Supported by clinical data
  • Promotes joint, digestive and respiratory health


Boswellia serrata extracts derived from the gum of Indian Frankincense are used in traditional medicine based on its anti-inflammatory properties. Boswellic acids are the main constituents responsible for the desired effects of boswellia as applied to joint, gastrointestinal and respiratory health. Standard boswellia extracts usually have a very limited bioavailability due to their poor water solubility. When used in food supplements, boswellic acid concentrations in vivo are often far below levels needed for biologic activity. Improving the bioavailability of these compounds is key to assuring full bioactivity of boswellia.


The NovaSOL® technology provides a micelle solubilized boswellia extract with unique properties, which results in an increased bioavailability.

A recently published scientific study shows the enhanced absorption of boswellic acids from NovaSOL® Boswellia in comparison with a native extract. This stable, highly bioavailable solubilisate should result in higher levels of the active ingredients in the blood which would enhance the effect of boswellia and allow use of lower doses overall.

Natural support for health

Boswellia serrata is used as a natural, herbal supplement in joint, digestive and respiratory health. Its biological properties and mechanism of action are well described in the scientific literature that includes clinical studies, and it has been shown to have a synergetic effect with other herbal compounds such as curcumin.

A micellar formula in liquid form, NovaSOL® Boswellia strongly increases the bioavailability. In this form, a lower dose can therefore be used to achieve biologically active levels of boswellic acids.

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NovaSOL® Boswellia

Product Information

  • Standardized on Boswellic acids >12%
  • Type of extract Liquid solubilisate of boswellia extract
  • Properties Water soluble
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Recommended dosage 250 – 500 mg/day

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