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In a human study using electroencephalogram (EGG) as a tool, Neuravena® intake has been associated with changes in brain activity based on effects in the left front temporal area of the brain, an area known to be involved in cognitive tasks. Effects of intake were explored using the Stroop color-word test, an validated model for concentration and alertness. Statistically significant effects were linked to Neuravena® intake using a battery of tests selected to allow assessments across the major cognitive domains, i.e. concentration, executive function and episodic memory (COMPASS). Green oat extract supplementation has further been reported to improve blood flow function in systemic and cerebral arteries in older adults.

Extract from a proprietary variety of oat herb (Avena sativa L.) selected for its superior biological activity profile

Supports mental fitness and cognitive function

High purity and stability thanks to EFLA® HyperPure process

Uses and safety supported by clinical data by supported studies

Co-branding opportunities

We selected the right Scientifically sellected the right starin out of dozens of known strains

Exclusive variety of Avena sativa L. grown with contract cultivation in Europe. Exhibits a high inhibition of two enzymes, MAO-B and PDE4.


Leading to greater stores of dopamine to maintain physiological brain functions


Leading to greater stores of cAMP to maintain physiological brain functions

Mode of action

Research demonstrates that Neuravena® acts via two mechanisms that impact both cognition and mental health:

  • Inhibition of the enzyme monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B)
  • Inhibition of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4)

Both enzymes act on the central nervous system and are believed to play a role in mental health and cognitive function, perhaps via their modulatory effects on anxiety, memory and depression. Besides MAO-B and PDE4 inhibition, other mechanisms may also be involved in Neuravena®’s ability to improve mental alertness. As the science on Neuravena® unfolds, we continue to uncover exciting possibilities.

Suggestions for use

Learn more about Neuravena®

Neuravena® improved speed of performance, working memory, episodic memory and executive function

Neuravena® improved brachial flow-mediated dilatation and cerebrovascular responsiveness.

Neuravena® influenced positively EEG spectral frequencies

Neuravena® significantly improved responses to the Stroop Color-Word test, broadly used in clinical assessment of attention.


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