Superior quality amino acid chelates


  • Highly bioavailable mineral forms
  • Readily soluble in small intestinal fluid for absorption
  • Gentle on the GI tract
  • Less reactive towards other food nutrients preventing oxidation
  • Less competition/interaction for absorption with other minerals


Minerals that are organically bound to amino acids are referred to as
chelated minerals.
In the case of bisglycinates, the mineral is surrounded by 2 molecules of
glycine. This specific molecular structure gives the minerals some unique
properties, including high stability and increased bioavailability.
In addition, these mineral forms tend to be more gentle on the GI tract, can
prevent oxidation of other nutrients present in the same matrix, have a high
mineral concentration and good stability.
The mineral bisglycinates we offer are the result of a carefully monitored
manufacturing process that leads to fully reacted mineral chelates with high

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