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Grow Nutrients® are vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an enriched single-cell system that mimics nature. Each vitamin/mineral is mixed with a unique blend that is specific for getting the mineral/vitamin to be better recognized and absorbed by the body.

Why we need grow

The food available today is less nutritious than it was a few generations ago. The vast majority of supplemental nutrients cannot fill this gap as they are chemically isolated synthetic derivatives that the body barely metabolizes. Grow Nutrients® offer superior absorption and assimilation into the body. With Grow Nutrients®, each and every vitamin and mineral is matched with the right matrix of elements to make it more bioavailable, using a natural food matrix technology.


Watch this to learn more about Grow Nutrients® technology

Watch this to learn more about Grow Nutrients® technology

Our production process

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The new standard in nutrition

Mother nature

Mother nature knew what she was doing when she packed a full complement of vitamins, minerals and co-factors into foods found in their natural state. It’s that full complement of compounds that the body needs to maximize nutritional potential.

Plant’s natural growth

Grow Nutrients® take their cue from mother nature by mimicking a plant’s natural growth process in the production of essential nutrition for functional formulation.

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