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Go-Less® is a highly researched natural solution that provides powerful support for bladder wellness. A proprietary blend of Pumpkin extract EFLA®940 and SoyLife based on a combination of traditional use, well-established use, and clinical science.

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The science behind Go-Less®

Published human clinical studies have shown that Go-Less® has positive effects in addressing the cause of urge of urination and occasional urgencies in both women and men.

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A natural Urinary Incontinence support

  • Clinically shown to:

    • Improve frequency
      of urination during the day and night
    • Improve frequency of urgency
  • High level of consumer satisfaction

  • Shown to be safe and without reported side effects

    Highly resistant to enzymatic degradation
  • Natural UI support

  • Produced using EFLA® HyperPure which guarantees a longer stability

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