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Uncover the benefits

IFF Health is a specialist in citrus ingredients, with decades of expertise on the manufacturing, extraction and research of their actives.

Citrus bioflavonoids constitute an important series of flavonoids. They are derived naturally from citrus fruits and have been shown to act synergistically with Vitamin C to neutralize free radicals. The major bioflavonoids found in citrus fruits are hesperidin, naringin, neohesperidin, eriocitrin,narirutin, and to a lesser extent naringenin, hesperetin, eriodictyol, diosmin, diosmetin, nobiletin, tangeretin, rutin, and quercetin.


Traditional use

Citrus bioflavonoids have been used for decades in the nutraceutical market to improve blood flow and ease swelling in the body, as well as for many other different health indications, with its presence often needed to support the activity of other components.
Citrus originated from Asia and the Mediterranean Region. The main flavonoids studied are hesperidin and naringin, with numerous scientific papers showing their positive effects in supporting health.

Natural support for health

The main use of Citrus bioflavonoids in the dietary supplement market has been to support cardiovascular health. Protecting the heart is of paramount importance for a balanced life. But citrus bioflavonoids support other health aspects as well, such as metabolic health (blood sugar level, triglycerides, blood pressure, weight management).


Recent publications have provided a better understanding of the activity of citrus bioflavonoids, the positive effect they have when included in the diet, and their synergistic effects with other ingredients.

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Citrus bioflavonoids

Product Information

  • Standardized on Bitter orange extract: naringin 45%
  • Citrus bioflavonoid complex: hesperidin (35%, 50%, 60%, 90%)
  • Grapefruit extract: naringin (45%, 65%)
  • Type of extract Powder
  • Grades Food

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