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Menopause is a life phase that every woman experiences, and by 2025, it is estimated that globally, 1 billion women will face this journey. Despite the enormity of the affected population, there is a surprisingly vast knowledge gap with respect to just how impactful the menopause cycle is in women’s lives. For example, GenM research revealed that 51% of women can name just 3 out of the 48 different symptoms associated with menopause.

The insufficient understanding about menopause fosters a sentiment of disregard and abandonment. According to GenM, 87% of menopausal women feel overlooked and 97% believe that brands should do more to cater this demographic.

IFF is joining forces with GenM, a menopause partner aiming to unite organizations committed to improving the menopause experience. Companies looking to innovate in this untapped market can rely on IFF’s expertise and unique capabilities to create effective dietary supplements for menopause support. Learn more about IFF solutions for menopause management.

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