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Focus on quality and safety

Even with professional raw material management, such as sourcing of herbal drugs through production on company farms and contract farming, as well as rigid analytical quality control, contaminants in plant extracts are a major concern throughout the industry.

Ensuring that the multicomponent system of the plant remain intact during decontamination can be difficult. EFLA® botanical extracts are developed with the philosophy that extracts are most efficient when their composition is similar to that of the plant they come from. To answer the need for guaranteed product quality, IFF Health has developed and patented a highly selective technique, called EFLA®HyperPure, to ensure that finished extracts are of highest quality while still respecting the environment.

EFLA®HyperPure is a unique decontamination procedure for herbal extracts production. The core of the invention is based on the fact that contaminants in plants (such as potential sensitizers and pesticide residues) are often lipophilic (fat-liking). HyperPure separates lipophilic compounds from liquid extracts.


The versatility of EFLA®HyperPure technology

Examples of contaminants that the EFLA®HyperPure: technology can remove from herbal extracts:

  • Pesticides like lindane
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) like benzo(a) pyrenes or naphtalene
  • Products of fat degradation / rancidity like heptanon, decanal and others

EFLA®HyperPure technology results in purified plant extracts with increased safety and stability and potential enhanced bioavailability.


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