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Meet IFF health’s expert team
at EXPO WEST 2023

Probiotics, Botanicals, and So Much More!

Stop by to chat, and try one of IFF Health’s tasty concepts along the way.

Holistic Stick Concept I
Women’s Complete

Containing HOWARU® premium probiotics and cranberry, providing overall support for women.

Deliciously Healthy Chocolates

Packed with HOWARU® Premium Probiotics to help relieve occasional gas and constipation and to support overall gut comfort.


Innovate and empower your brand by combining probiotic strains with botanicals or one of our many other nutritious ingredients, enabling you to excel in a crowded marketplace, strengthen your product offering, and boost end-product benefits.
Create unique and visually appealing combination products that open the doors to new marketplace advantages. Pairing probiotics with other ingredients can – to name only one – impact strain stability; this is where we shine – collaborating with you to make the impossible, possible.


Book a meeting now to learn more about how IFF can become your ingredient and application partner. Complete the form below and a member of our team will schedule time to meet you at the show or virtually.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Your IFF Health team


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