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Leave traditional behind. Tap into our Health Concepts Lab to create flavors that inspire in formats that delight.

Consumers are demanding tasty nutrition in formats they enjoy, and they’re turning to fortified food products over traditional dietary supplement formats. Ready to think beyond tablets and capsules? Meet our Health Concepts Lab. It’s your one-stop-shop for novel delivery formats, thrilling tastes, satisfying smells and innovative textures.

Tap into our expertise and expansive ingredient portfolio to develop a one-of-a-kind product that’s both functional and delicious. We’ll help you produce consumer-centric applications, using scientifically-validated actives and renowned taste materials. Whether you’re looking to craft a fortified chocolate bar, ready-to-drink beverage or nutritious gummy, we provide best-in-class ingredients and application expertise for all functional formats.

Aside from unique application, our in-depth taste and scent capabilities can help take your products to the next level. Our broad portfolio includes everything from taste modulation tools to naturally sourced flavors that support clean-label messaging.

Whatever you dream up, no idea is too crazy – our 1,000+ scientists can help make it happen. Let us be your end-to-end partner for product innovation.


Lab tested, consumer approved.
Novel combinations for next-gen probiotic products.

Want to stand out? When scouring the shelves for a probiotic product, consumers are more likely to pick the bottle featuring a well-known botanical on the label. By combining probiotic strains and botanicals or nutritious ingredients, you’ll excel in a crowded market, strengthen your product offering and boost end-product benefits.
But while combination products are appealing on shelves, they’re a unique challenge to formulate, since pairing probiotics with other ingredients can impact strain stability. The combinations must be strenuously tested to confirm their compatibility. Plus, emerging formats and combinations require in-depth formulation expertise to ensure the claims on the package are valid through the product’s end-of-shelf life.

Let us help. At IFF Health, we’re hard at work testing probiotic strain stability with trending natural products and botanicals, to help you bring novel combination products to market.
Here are just a few of the viable combinations, ready to be added to your next formulation.

Immune Health

B. lactis BI-04® paired with Echinacea EFLA® 894 or POWDERPURE™ Elderberry offers an innovative immune-boosting solution.

bRAIN Health

L. paracasei Lpc-37® combined with mood-boosting Sharp-PS® helps reduce perceived stress, providing peace of mind.

Weight Management

B. lactis B420™ paired with FenuLife® – a Fenugreek fiber extract with positive effects on satiety – provides a cutting-edge weight-management solution.

Women’s Health

L. rhamnosus HN001TM and L. acidophilus La-14® paired with POWDERPURETM Cranberry produces a stand-out product that targets women’s health concerns, addressing vaginal health.

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