Women are amazing. From birthing babies to building companies, no two women are the same. What they all do have in common; however, is the unique feminine health challenges they face over the course of their lifetime. These include physical issues regarding prenatal, vaginal, urinary, and hormonal health and expand into more emotional challenges regarding mood and stress management.

Women are increasingly interested in efficacious natural solutions to ensure optimal health & wellness. They understand the essential role of a balanced microbiome, representing 63%* of probiotic consumers in Europe.


Together, We Can Make Your
Dream Product a Reality

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Which ingredients to select?
Combining the best of our probiotics and botanicals portfolio
How to target the consumer needs of tomorrow?
Deliver noticeable consumer benefits through effective and clinically studied solutions
Which format to choose?
Best-in-class ingredients and application expertise for all functional formats

Selecting Unique Ingredients

IFF Health has a comprehensive portfolio of probiotics, botanicals, and natural
products that provide multiple benefits

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HOWARU® Feminine Health

Promote healthy vaginal microbiota & maintain healthy vaginal pH

HOWARU® Protect Prenatal+

Support immune health, mood & vaginal microbiota


Manage the mental response to stress & promote well-being



Help reduce the risk of recurrent UTI


Highly bioavailable microencapsulated iron for optimal benefits


Soy isoflavones target menopausal symptoms & supports bone health


Exclusive blend of pumpkin extract & SoyLife for urinary balance support


Phosphatidylserine that improves cognitive function & supports mood

Targeting the Feminine Needs
of Tomorrow, Today

Deliver noticeable consumer benefits through effective and clinically studied solutions

Intimate Health

HOWARU® Feminine Health

Hormonal & Urogenital Health


Brain Function & Mood

Sharp- PS®

Expertise Across Formats

Best-in-class ingredients and application
know-how for all functional formats

Unique applications that are consumer centric, convenient, and delivered in engaging formats

Mastering consumer needs and market trends. Bringing innovative ingredients backed by science

Probiotics, Botanicals, and Natural Ingredients supporting a variety of health indications via differentiated modes of action for superior efficacy

Meet the consumer demand for natural, label-friendly, and recognizable ingredients that bring a healthier halo

The Perfect Product

Our comprehensive portfolio and extensive capabilities allow us to deliver customizable solutions and drive innovation in new markets.

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